At Wilks Ranch, we are raising pastured, grass-fed beef. Our cattle have been raised hormone and antibiotic free, doctored with quality essential oils.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a cleaner way of eating to the community around us. 

Our Story

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Story Part 1

At Wilks Ranch, we are a fourth generation ranching family, but this is the first generation raising pastured, grass-fed beef in both Nolan and Coke counties. Our cattle have been raised hormone and antibiotic free. When the need for doctoring arises, we use quality essential oils for a natural approach to the treatment.

Story Part 2

Once we have established our retail beef, we are looking to branch into all-natural pork and chicken.

Story Part 3

We have met many wonderful people who are showing such amazing support for our current project, and our future projects! Thank you to everyone for getting back to a customary way of eating.  Back to not worrying about what all is in your food, and just enjoying its simplicity.

Story Part 4

You can feel confident knowing exactly what has been given to our cattle and feel proud knowing you are supporting local business.

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